Eras pass, pearls remain

Synthesized in a Manifesto, the spirit of Maison Maryse consecrates the double idea of ​​duality and freedom. Loving “Spinoza and Paule Ka”, strolling through the streets of Paris lulled by the contralto voice of Nina Simone…

Born in 2020 , the brand offers a variation of jewelry around pearls because “ it only takes a few pearls ” to dress a being.

Freshwater, ceramic or glass pearls, the brand modernizes a flagship element of jewelry so that every woman can make it their own. 

Maison Maryse jewelry goes well with a classic or preppy chic, rock or bohemian look.

Lightweight, these creations with changing reflections, to be assembled according to your desires, are also customizable.

Gradients of white and beige for a sobriety like Coco Chanel, Beauty earrings in ceramic beads painted red, it's up to you to mix the timeless and the daring...