MARYSE • Just a few pearls.

Chin up, she does what she pleases. Tracy Chapman, Stevie Wonder and Nina Simone in her headphones, she strolls through Paris, a novel in her purse. Impose any rule on her and she escapes, again and again, hand in hand with her freedom.

She loves Spinoza and Paul Ka, being and appearing, both at the same time. She takes her dreams, shapes them and brings them to life. And the world belongs to him.
Each piece of handmade jewelry is unique, just like her. Light, like her. Unforgettable, like her.

She crunches life without compromise and is accountable to no one. All that counts is the present moment and elegance too, of course.

A simple, clean outfit, and a detail that sublimates.

She, Maryse, soars out of the world, gently shakes the lines. Take up this torch, run around the world with this same love of freedom.

She hovers, smirking; just a few beads.